CynoDent Global Healthcare For All

CynoDent is a unique platform first time in India. A digital healthcare platform that provides & enhance a good relationship between patients and doctors also enables a real time appointment scheduling system. Our goal to create a easy access to healthcare services and communication ways or appointment scheduling system not only between dentists and patients but also for medical practitioner, diagnostic lab to radiological service and pharmaceutical services. Cynodent bring together, at economic prices and minimum waiting time, because everyone has 24hour and everyone want to utilize without wasting time. Cynodent is here to create precious & healthy smile on our patients faces with minimum effort and maximum welfare. Cynodent is an initiative that will put up all its efforts to create that beautiful smile on our patient’s face always. Now, patients dont have to fear of those long ques and busy dentists when they get a toothache.

CynoDent also brings you research and educational programs for doctors to enhance their knowledge, skills and keep them updated regarding the latest treatment developments. We are Currently doing free webinars for Students, Dentist, Senior Practitioners from India as well as across the globe. We design papers, mock test and sending latest textbooks to budding students. We will bring research internships & scientific programs. A Roadmap to write and publish papers and understand scope of research in the field of Medical, Dental and Health Sciences.

In the coming time, we will bring more things related to dentist like selling dental product.